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20" Chrome Wire Wheels

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20" Chrome Wire Wheels Empty 20" Chrome Wire Wheels

Post by DaveG on Thu Jul 24, 2014 8:43 pm

Hi Guys
I.m just putting these on here for Kev, These wre the wheels off Kevs car. and the price is bargain basement approx half of replacement cost.

$1500.00 These have got to be the buy of the year, and as anyone who'se fitted wheels to a flairbird will know it's hard getting them under the spats, THESE FIT.

20" Chrome Wire Wheels 10524557_10152630436111457_4462229474745772171_n_zps459b3576

20" Chrome Wire Wheels 10494548_10152630436236457_7483793515030352728_n_zpsa8d51851

20" Chrome Wire Wheels 10305407_10152630436146457_5144525034846847030_n_zpsa89641b8

20" Chrome Wire Wheels 10437497_10152630436191457_4191988737507732697_n_zps8d3da601

20" Chrome Wire Wheels 1239716_512764098802166_1602525381_n_zpsaa48d964

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